Get ready for a realistic view of life on Earth.


A CPA’s reluctant employment with the NYC mafia.

Rallasphire Vietnam.

This is my rifle, this is my gun. The man’s arm, that’s Rallasphire. Good morning Vietnam.

The Alligator Wrestler.

The only way to get to know a gator is wrestle.

Nasa: 1967

The government office’s full story in space race.

Roswell : The Grey.

A fictitious tragedy about a crash in the fifties through the perspective of the Grey.

The Journey of life.

An autobiography and a voyage in a semi-instant psychology called a nanoprobe. Life goes on!

The Expatriate.

In 1995, a young man named Henry escapes, to his opinion, a cruel and intolerant America in order to find a better life in Europe.He chooses self liberation in travel to Italy. This is his experience in Rome. The Expatriate! He meets an exotic girl in the club. Meeting could never happen to Henry in USA. Not ever!

Clio on the Nexus.

A hopeful projection of mankind in the future,2120 AD. Welcome to the free society of the Nexus. They have collectively decided to abandon money and religion and focus on organization, love, and humanity. This is Clio’s story, a young citizen in a slice of life. Welcome to Clio’s world. PRODUCT ETA APRIL 2022.